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It’s not a stretch to call orthodontics, or straightening teeth, the original smile makeover tool. After all, misaligned teeth impact a smile in a highly visible way.

We have newer options that make orthodontic treatment less noticeable and less intrusive than ever — with equally spectacular results!

  • After school, evening and weekend appointments available
  • Traditional and invisible aligner options available
  • We know how busy your family’s schedule is. That’s why Friendswood Family Dental is happy to offer convenient early morning, late evening, and even Saturday appointments so you don’t have to miss work or school.
  • These days, braces are NOT just for kids and teenagers. In fact, a lot of our patients are adults who have never loved their smiles, and now after taking care of their children’s needs, it’s THEIR turn to do something nice for themselves.
  • Whether we use traditional braces, or more cosmetic options like Invisalign, orthodontics is one of the safest, most natural, and longest lasting ways to improve your smile. Most people don’t realize it, but even correcting minor tipping or rotations can have a HUGE impact on your smile. We love it when our patients come back after treatment and tell us that their friends keep complimenting them on their beautiful smile, but they can’t quite figure out exactly what was done!
  • Contact us today for a no charge, no obligation consultation. We’d love to meet you and show you how today’s orthodontics at Friendswood Family Dental can transform your smile!