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Sports such as basketball, gymnastics, hockey and football all present a risk of injury to your gum tissues and your teeth. If you or your children play sport, we recommend a custom-made mouth protector, known as a mouthguard.

Unlike non-customised shop-bought mouthguards, a professionally fitted mouthguard will protect your entire mouth as it cushions any blows or falls by distributing the force of the impact. We suggest avoiding non-customized mouthguards as they are generally ill-fitting and offer little protection. Only a dentist can custom fit a mouthguard to your teeth.

Professionally fitted mouthguards can also help prevent concussions and some incidents of unconsciousness. Jaw fractures and neck injuries can also be reduced because the mouthguard prevents complications arising from the lower jaw jamming into the upper jaw.

A mouthguard also reduces the risk of bruising to the cheeks and lips, especially if you wear braces. A properly fitted mouthguard can prevent damage to the bracket of your braces. Although mouthguards typically only cover the upper teeth, we may suggest that you use one on the lower teeth if you have braces on these teeth too.